Waimarino Free Range Pork

Quite possibly the world's finest pork, Waimarino Free Range Pork is produced by Dr Rene and Ursula Haeberli on their free range pig farm at Raetihi, near Mt Ruapehu, in New Zealand's central North Island.

This is a very special product:

  • 100% free range and grain fed.

  • Sows have no nose rings and every sow has her own individual paddock with shelter and straw bedding.

  • Pigs are raised with hands-on care by the owner and brought to slaughter in his own truck with straw bedding, with avoidance of stress at every step of the way. This is not only better for the animals but provides meat of superior eating quality.

  • NO ADDED HORMONES, ANTIBIOTICS or ANIMAL BY-PRODUCTS are ever fed or given to the pigs. They are fed only on a special GRAIN DIET. The main protein source is soybean meal. The diet is GE-FREE.

  • The meat has a light degree of INTRA-MUSCULAR MARBLING which makes it more JUICY and TENDER to cook and eat.

  • The pork is rich in OMEGA-3 DHA, IRON and CO-ENZYME Q10. No other pork has these health-giving properties, which are proven by independent testing undertaken by Massey University.